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5 tips for online buyers to avoid scam

Online Shopping Scam

Source : India.com

Currently Online Stores are popular to everyone because it allow us to shop anytime and anywhere. Online shopping lets us do shopping during our leisure time. That is why the internet is packed with sellers and stores. But watch out, because not everyone around the virtual world can be trusted. And if you do not have keen eyes, you will never determine who’s legit and fraud. So we are giving you away 5 tips on how to avoid scam online.

Avoid Scammers


  • Do online searches ­– Find a review online about the product’s name or company’s name. You can also try to do some searches regarding complaints or scam. Try to look for customer’s feedback and what others said regarding their service. This is to ensure that you are dealing with someone trusted.


  • Know the seller – If you’re a first time buyer, try to know more about the seller and their store’s credibility. Do not just click and buy from an online store you are not familiar with. This is to avoid online scams and phishing.


  • Compare the retail price to its retail price – See if the seller is selling the item at the right price. Observe price differences from different shops. After all, online shopping let us to do cross-compare on prices. Compare who has the better offer.


  • Consider how you pay – Don’t just give away your important details such as passwords and credit card details. Always pay using your credit card or PayPal because you can get your money back easier with this method if you were scammed.


  • Think before you click – Phishing scams are popular over the net nowadays. Avoid opening or clicking on unexpected links sent over your email. If you get an offer from an unknown site don’t click the offer. If possible delete the message as soon as possible.


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